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Breast Biopsy -The Affirm® prone breast biopsy system

The Affirm®

ACR Breast Center of ExcellenceThe Affirm® prone breast biopsy system delivers faster, more comfortable procedures by increasing automation, providing superior imaging and giving 360-degree access to the breast – creating a better experience for patients and providers. It’s the only dedicated prone biopsy system offering superior 2D or tomosynthesis (3D™) imaging, and allows for 2D users to easily upgrade to 3D™ imaging when ready. It’s the only dedicated prone system with a modern operating system designed for the future.

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Comfort and Care

More than 95% of patients reported their Affirm® prone biopsy procedure was faster, more comfortable and less painful than expected. The system is designed with patients’ physical and emotional comfort in mind. Direct view of the biopsy needle is eliminated helping to reduce patient stress, and clinicians can quickly identify, target and access lesions to help reduce time spent in compression.




Patient Focus

When performing a breast biopsy, our focus is always on the patient. This results in a patient friendly and sufficiently sized table design with large breast aperture for more comfortable arm-through procedures. Further ergonomic features reduce shoulder and back stress.

The more comfortable prone position assures that the whole procedure is kept out of your patient’s view, while you of course can always stay in eye contact. All this helps to minimize patient stress and discomfort. And as the word “minimal” also indicates, this way of performing a biopsy saves your patient from general anesthesia, minimizes breast injury and facilitates a fast recovery.