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Five Star Review


"I recently had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Susan Drossman, and I couldn't be more impressed with the level of care and professionalism I received. After having a bad experience with a previous doctor, I was feeling anxious about seeking medical treatment again. However, Dr. Drossman immediately put my mind at ease with her compassionate and understanding manner. Not only is Dr. Drossman an experienced and knowledgeable physician, but she also has an amazing team, and a beautiful office that is impeccably clean and well-maintained. The entire office staff was very friendly and welcoming, which only added to the positive experience. Every staff member I interacted with was professional, knowledgeable, and so kind. From the moment I walked in the door. Marilyn, Vera, Gina, Laura, Jasmine, Kim, and Cecelia. I have no doubt that I was in the best hands with Dr. Drossman, and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking high-quality medical care. Thank you, Dr. Drossman and team, for your exceptional service and care."

Five Star Review

 November 2022

"Both Drs. Drossman and Thomson are careful, thorough and compassionate, especially for patients like myself who have to go through a biopsy procedure. Dr. Drossman, who performed my recent biopsy, was especially sensitive to my anxiety under the circumstances and saw to it that the procedure was done as quickly and as pleasantly as it possibly could be. Patients who are worried will be relieved to know that procedures are scheduled quickly (thank you, Vera!!) so as to minimize apprehension. As this was a two-site biopsy (in the same breast), I appreciated the doctor’s and her assistant Cecilia’s extra attentiveness to my comfort throughout the procedure. Thankfully, there was no pain and the overall atmosphere in the room was calm and peaceful. So much so, that I actually felt very relaxed (I am normally a very nervous person about these things) and even said at one point, “This is actually kind of fun,” causing the doctor and her assistant to laugh as they had never heard that particular comment before!! After twenty plus years with another well-known radiologist who recently retired, I consider myself very lucky to have found Drs. Drossman and Thomson and their exceptional staff, from receptionists to mammographers!"

Five Star Review

 May 2022

"I have been a patient of Dr. Drossman’s for almost 20 years. As far as I am concerned she is the very best." S.E.

Five Star Review

"I cannot express enough my gratitude for having found Dr. Drossman and the staff at 488 Madison Avenue. Six years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the initial stage. Every year I go for my check up and what was seen was always a calcium deposit— not 6 years ago... I had to face the fact that I had breast cancer. The plain and simple fact is that Dr. Drossman saved my life. My cancer was in a very difficult area for her to perform my biopsy. She persisted for over an hour to get a sample at the end of the day on a Friday. She referred me to another amazing doctor to perform my surgery. Anyone who reads this— please get your check up EVERY year and I emplore you to seek out Dr. Drossman or someone that looks at you as a person and not just a number."

Five Star Review

"Last Friday, I came into the office for a mammogram and bone density test. From the minute I walked into the waiting room at about 9:30 a.m., I was treated with kindness and respect by the ladies behind the desk. I was very anxious, and they were a wonderfully calming presence. This was also true of the staff who guided me through the process of having the Dexa pictures taken, and having three sets of mammogram pictures taken, as well. Naturally, the techs and doctors are superb. I’m so sorry that I didn’t write down each person’s name, so I could tell you specifically who they are, but you and the staff are to be congratulated on the excellent care we patients receive. Many thanks to you for the great job that you are doing!" Gratefully, Carole