Digital Mammography - Hologic Selenia

Digital Mammography
Image quality is the key to early detection. That's why millions of dollarsACR Breast Center of Excellence are invested each year in research and development to push the boundaries of imaging technology and why the industry has come to expect the highest image quality for mammographic images. Our equipment, Hologic by Lorad, is arguably the finest mammographic unit available.

Selenia® uses selenium based direct capture technology. This eliminates light diffusion completely for perfect clarity and exquisite image quality.

Selenia incorporates our patented HTC® grid technology that delivers higher contrast images by significantly reducing radiation scatter without increasing dose.


A tungsten x-ray tube with rhodium and silver filters reduces radiation dose to the patient while maintaining the superb image quality and contrast of Selenia images.

The Selenia acquisition workstation features a thoughtful user interface, and intuitive display screens giving you more time to focus on the patient. Every Selenia image you see is enhanced with intelligent processing.

The Selenia full-field digital mammography system provides exceptional image quality and improves the efficiency of exams, ultimately giving you the ability to increase patient throughput.

What to expect during your Digital Mammography

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